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Work/Activity Templates for Medical School Primary Application

View templates below. These are updated annually so that users continuously see different types of work. Please do not plagiarize your work with any of these templates as this can risk your application getting flagged and rejected. Use these templates to help you get an idea of what accepted medical students wrote about in their application for medical school.

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Work Template 1

a. Experience type: Teaching
b. Experience name: Tutor

Experience Description: Dr. John Dewey, the late educational reformer who pioneered work in progressive education has been quoted to say, “Education is not the preparation for life, education is life itself.” Education transcends all aspects of life requiring active participation. It is a realization of potential and a catalyst for personal development. My philosophy on teaching parallels Dr. Dewey in that I feel the most effective teaching style should inspire development, diversity and promote creativity and curiosity. Medicine is the perfect breeding ground for this. Lifelong learning and an obligation to pass on knowledge to future generations of healthcare professionals is inherent to our field. The rigid construct of teacher and student or content-provider and content-receiver is not conducive to optimized learning. Demonstrating authentic and genuine interest in the learning goals of the student allows for a more effective and favorable environment for the progression and evolution of the student. Tailoring the content, organization, style and delivery of concepts allows for a more focused execution by the student to realize their goals. I have been able to accomplish this with individual learning sessions and group sessions.

Work Template 2

a. Experience type: Leadership
b. Experience name: Founder of X

Experience Description: When I was accepted to UC X, it felt like a huge accomplishment. At that time, I realized that many students are completely oblivious to the processes and the dynamics involved in being admitted to the universities of their choice. In 2017, I started my organization (Xorg) to provide information about the entire application process. The organization now consists of 20 members, and our mission is to help low-income and under-represented groups gain admission to the top-ranked universities in the country. We believe that the main impediment for people in these groups is that they do not have access to the required information. For example, some
students don’t know they have to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) to get into college. We have gone to various Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs, high schools, middle schools, and recreational sports events in the X area and in X to promote awareness of college admissions requirements. We provide mentoring, informational flyers, test-preparation opportunities, and various topic-based lectures to young adults, children, and their parents.


Work Template 3

a. Experience type: Publications
b. Experience name: Authored Tutorial for Online Mastering Physics Interface

Experience Description: My physics professor used an online homework interface called Mastering Physics. It is a very popular program, and it is used by many of the top universities in the country. When I tried to use the interface, I found that I had difficulty understanding and solving some of the homework problems, so I often had to seek assistance from the professor or one of his teaching assistants during their office hours. After getting my questions answered, I wrote detailed solutions for every problem. After I completed the course, I decided to prepare all of the solutions for distribution as a complete tutorial for the course. I tried to write the tutorial as simply as possible while still providing the appropriate coverage of all the topics so that it would be useful to a wide range of students, from beginners to the more experienced. The tutorial was made available to physics students at UC Berkeley, and it was also available on the Internet. There have been over 10,000 downloads of the tutorial since I first made it available. I have received a lot of positive feedback from many physics students all over the country. I chose not to attempt to profit from the tutorial, so it was available at no cost to the users.


Work Template 4

a. Experience type: Teaching
b. Experience name: Tutor

Experience Description: The practice of medicine is changing, particularly with millennials maturing to doctors. Gone are the days of spending hours in the library reading textbooks or memorizing the differences between Stage 2A and 2B lung cancer, as handheld devices have changed the landscape of learning among healthcare professionals. I wholeheartedly believe that the goal of medical education is not to memorize medical facts but to acquire the skills for lifelong learning. Emphasizing how to navigate through information in the modern era and utilizing the power of the internet is essential in this educational philosophy. With the exponential growth of medical knowledge over the past several decades it is impossible to memorize the entire body of literature. I tend to focus on stressing basic concepts which can serve as a foundation for students to build upon. The curiosity for lifelong learning is probably the most important thing I can illicit from an individual student or peer.