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Personal Statement Templates for Medical School Primary Application

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Personal Statement 1

My heart was beating so fast that I thought it was going to fall out of my chest. Paramedics had
rushed in a man from a vehicular accident. The head nurse activated the trauma team and I
hesitantly approached my first patient as an EMT intern. I started checking his blood pressure and
tried to listen for a pulse but I could not make anything out in the midst of all the commotion.
Taking a deep breath, I tried again. Faintly, almost like a whisper, I finally heard a pulse.
Helping save this patient’s life overwhelmed me with an astonishing sense of fulfillment. I admired
the doctors’ compassion and expertise as I observed them prep the patient for surgery and console
his family. I also recognized my own ability to stay composed and focused in an emergency
situation, long enough to assist in saving a life. I still had much to learn, but I already knew that
medicine was the right career for me.

The rewards that come with practicing medicine is simply unmatched by other professions.
Advancements in technology have exponentially improved medical treatment. This is the best time
to become a physician because we are able to do so much more for others than ever before.
Physicians do not simply cure life-threatening ailments anymore; they have the power to improve
quality of life. They also lend their expertise to a variety of political, economic, health and science
institutions, all to create awareness, new knowledge and wellness. I look forward to becoming a
part of the revolution of research, advocacy and intervention by becoming a primary care
physician, making important contributions to many domains of healthcare.

I am confident I will excel in medical school and beyond because I have already overcome many
challenges, becoming more focused and committed to my goals. My immigrant mother did not put
a great deal of emphasis on education — she had other things to worry about. As a result, I did not
apply myself in school early on. I turned to music, exploring a passion and learning how to handle
pressure. I traveled to new places and met diverse people, becoming aware of different cultures
and the unique backgrounds of others. I broadened my understanding of human nature, becoming
more culturally sensitive. I believe these experiences and strengths will enable me to connect with
patients on a personal level, seeing them as people rather than cases.

Although school was not a priority for a long time, I became a more focused student when I
transferred into University of X. I wanted to do better, and when I enrolled in a Physics course, I
found myself challenged to prove that I could excel as a student. Physics was difficult and taxing.
It stimulated me — I was determined to defeat the subject and transform myself as a student. Not
only did I do well in the class, I went on to also author a 100-page tutorial of a popular online
problem set. I was ecstatic to see that hard work helped me convert my weaknesses into strengths
that benefited others and myself. Since then, I have sharpened my study habits and reinvented
myself. I now love to learn and I actively seek opportunities to increase my knowledge and
challenge myself. helped me gain valuable time management skills. I learned to balance
academics, personal interests, work and community outreach, and this skill will be an asset in my
future medical career. I truly enjoyed working as an EMT. I loved the challenging nature of my
work, I loved being immersed in medicine, and I loved meeting a wide array of unique individuals.
However, I was troubled to see a prevalent lack of communication between patients and health
officials. Most of my patients did not comprehend the magnitude of their diagnoses. Without
excellent communication between doctors and patients, problems are not fully solved and future
complications cannot be prevented. This problem is most serious amongst non-natives and
individuals coming from low socioeconomic backgrounds.

Coming from this same demographic, I have a true understanding of the social and economic
pressures facing disadvantaged communities, and I know how limited their healthcare delivery can
be. As a physician, I will address these disparities and work to close the gap between patient and
doctor. I also look forward to educating others about medicine and undertaking lifelong learning
myself. In my first summer at University of X, I founded X in response to a report that American
children are falling behind in math and science. Our main focus was to increase the enrollment of
students underrepresented in top institutions and in degrees in science. I enjoy making a difference
in others’ lives, and in the future, I plan to champion health awareness and education, discussing
health care with patients and working with and learning from colleagues in order to provide better
health services.

I will love waking up every morning to practice medicine. The medical profession promises
countless opportunities to stretch myself, help others and make a difference. I am ready to make a
lifelong commitment to society and I look forward to beginning that commitment in medical