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Letter of Recommendation Templates for Medical School Primary Application

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Letter of Recommendation 1

I am honored to be able to support X’s candidacy for medical school by writing a letter of
recommendation on her behalf. X was a student of mine in two courses, “Leadership and Sports” and
“Leadership and Coaching” during the fall 2017 and spring 2018 semesters. Given a class size of
roughly 30 students, I had the opportunity to get to know X well over the year she was a student of
mine. We have also kept in touch during her final year at the University of X. X is an incredibly
hard worker, sets and maintains high standards for her academic work, and is quite simply a pleasure to
be around.

As a student in class, I had the chance to watch X as a contributing team player as well as to assess her
communication skills through written work and class presentations. I can say that both skill sets are well
developed strengths. She is respected by her peers and is an effective and tireless team player. She
constantly thinks about the sustainability of the group and takes on leadership roles to help others
accomplish goals. Communicating effectively, X displays a quiet confidence when speaking and sharing
her opinions during class discussions. Her written work was even stronger than her verbal aptitude. She
is an excellent writer and can apply theoretical constructs to practical applications. She is as
comfortable with a highly structured environment as she is with a more loosely coupled culture. Her
ability to thrive in any situation is a great testament to her adaptability and her commitment to

X’s academic accomplishments (3.8 GPA) actually are more impressive when seen through the lens of a
Division 1 student athlete on a highly competitive gymnastics team. The kind of pressure that she was
under both academically and athletically is hard to comprehend. Her ability to balance those
commitments and to do exceptionally well in both is a testament to her perseverance, tenacity and hard
work. As someone who has taught undergraduates for 30+ years, I can say that X’s ability to balance the
demands of the classroom and her sports team make her accomplishments all the more impressive.
Additionally, X has superb relationship building skills and is an asset in any endeavor that she
undertakes. She is highly respected by her peers, maintains a positive attitude, and works diligently to
accomplish all her goals. Her internship experiences in the medical field have only enhanced her
understanding of her chosen field of study and reinforced her desire to attend medical school. I have
absolutely no doubt she will be successful in whatever endeavor she pursues. She is one of those rare
individuals who will not be deterred when she wants to do something. She has proven that time and
time again!

I am always impressed with X’s ability to manage several tasks and responsibilities simultaneously and to
do them all well. Not to mention that she is always smiling, pleasant, personable and kind. If she
sounds like a “one of a kind,” she really is!

I can’t say enough about X and her abilities. She will be a fabulous medical professional and will excel in
medical school as she has in her undergraduate studies. I guarantee that you would not be
disappointed with X or her academic talents. She has great potential in whatever she chooses to
commit herself to. I feel fortunate that we had the chance to work together during her collegiate career.
Without hesitation, I give her my highest recommendation for graduate study. If there are other
questions that I can answer, please don’t hesitate to contact me.