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MedSchoolKey Frequently Asked Questions

MedSchoolKey is completely generated by real-world admission committee members from various medical schools. Most of our content providers have more than 20+ years of experience in clinical practice and medical school admissions. Simply, our goal is to simulate having your very own personal admissions officer guide you through college directly to a medical school admission!

Our content is generated by medical school admission committee members, and used by any college premed or potential premed student interested in obtaining a medical school acceptance. Although students that are just beginning college will find our packages most useful, MedSchoolKey can also help high school students, graduating college students, transfer students and even career-changers get accepted to medical school. Additionally, MedSchoolKey is an excellent gift for a friend or family member interested in going to medical school.

The road to a medical school acceptance is well defined but does require a lot of hard work. MedSchoolKey’s proprietary content has been refined to offer students the very best information and resources to make a medical school acceptance not only a possibility, but one you can absolutely achieve. This is facilitated with 16 premium videos explaining exactly what you need to do to get into medical school told through the point of view of active medical school admission officers. Additionally, we offer several invaluable resources such as statistics on your school and medical school admissions, explanation of core competencies, information on residency training, salaries, research opportunities, interview prompts, secondary essay prompts, MCAT study schedules and much more.

Absolutely! In the premium-package, you have access to more than 100 templates. We have templates for the personal statement, secondary essays, letters of recommendation, work/activities section, and more. These templates are replaced biannually. We have carefully selected these templates from accepted medical students to provide prospective applicants an insider’s view of what medical school admission officers consider when selecting applicants.

Our entire goal is to make the medical school admission process easier for EVERYONE. As such, all our content providers volunteer their time allowing us to provide this wealth of content for a minimal fee. Additionally, we feel so strongly that our content will help YOU get into medical school, we are happy to completely refund your paid fee if you do not get accepted to medical school (premium package only).

Over the past 5 years we have visited over 100 college/university campuses and had the privilege of working with thousands of premed students. This requires a coordinated effort from multiple medical school committee members whom volunteer their time and have busy clinical practices. As such, we shifted our efforts to an online approach that is available to a wider national audience and for a much smaller fee. We are not currently accepting invitations to visit campuses.

Unfortunately, no. We feel strongly that our content provides all the information that would be needed for ~95% of premedical students interested in obtaining a medical school acceptance. The truth is, most of the difficulty of the road to medical school is due to the hard work required to earn a high GPA and MCAT score. For the rest, MedSchoolKey has you covered!

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