About Us

Five Years in the Making

Our Story

MedSchoolKey was born out of necessity. The medical school admission process has become arduous and grueling. Predatory medical school consulting services have sprouted over the past decade taking advantage of vulnerable premedical students for outrageous sums of money. Oftentimes, the counseling they provide is similar and usually scripted for every student. Additionally, the counselors are usually either medical students, resident-physicians, medical school graduates that have never completed residency training, or PhD graduates with no real world experience in medical school admissions. As such, the counseling provided may not align with the vision of the gatekeepers of medical school - admission officers.

MedSchoolKey is completely generated by real-world admission committee members from various medical schools. Most of our content providers have more than 20+ years of experience in clinical practice and medical school admissions.

The content we provide has been offered to college premed students across the country for the past five years and has been distributed via symposiums, career fairs and invited lectures/presentations. Due to high demand, we were unable to accept all the invitations we received from colleges and universities across the country. Our solution was to repackage our content so that we can deliver it to a larger national audience.

All the admissions officers involved volunteer their time. As such, we are able to offer our content for a minimal fee. Our hope is that with the low cost, we are able to reach a larger audience, and remove the myths and inaccuracies of medical school admissions. Our content is supposed to simulate having your very own personal admissions officer guide you through college directly to a medical school admission!

Since our goal is to get YOU into medical school, we made the decision collectively that if students use our service and attempt to get into medical school and do not get accepted, we will refund them completely.

We believe in you - it is time for you to believe in you, too!